Plan to start new Event Company?

I will be talking to you today regarding the title of this post looking to start your new Event Company? then you have come to right place.

I will be sharing you some key points that you have to keep in mind and follow few key points and it will help you to start your new career.

If you’ve been sitting at your desk daydreaming about the owning your own events company and having the glamorous life, it’s time to wake up! Starting up any business can be brutal in this socioeconomic climate and to be successful you have face reality – hard work, long days (and nights), and a whole lot of networking!

I believe in short Daydreaming is only Wishful thinking but Implementing is the Key to SUCCESS.

Here are few Key steps which will help you!

  • Get Relevant and Expert Experience? 
    • Work for few well-organised companies and get experience.
    • Be a great student and observe every company key points.
    • To become Event organised here are few keys to master 1st......
      • Greater Communication Skills
      • Perfect Organiser,
      • Be Pontual on Time Management,
      • Always be Creative,
      • Ability to Negotiate
      • Work hard on your Interpersonal Skills
    • Remember to utilise your own personal experience when deciding what type of events you are going to specialise in. For example, if your background is corporate, then this is a great place to start. (Keep Focus on what you are best in and work on your Improvement.)

  • The Plan 
    • Every planner needs a solid business plan.
    • Make sure you have following things intact in your business plan.
      • It’s essential that you do your market research!
      • Knowing your audience and your competition is essential 
      • Identify your niche Market and in deciding how and where to promote your services.
      • For Guidance Take any banks Financial modeling template, it will help you.
      •  Type in google and Get "Competitor research plan template"  or "Event Organiser Business model Template " you will get great help.
  • Constantly Update your Network
    • It Doesn't matter what you know focus on Whom you know. (Your Network is Networth!)
      • In the world of event planning knowing the right people is a necessity! 
      • Todays century Social Media plays a very big role towards your building network
    • Attending seminars, exhibitions, and trade shows not to be missed.
    • Some time is great going to a competitor’s event is also a good way of establishing contacts and obtaining supplier information.
  • Get your Company Register
    • Make sure that you register your company with the relevant body, for example, if you are in the UK you can simply register your company with "Companies House"
    • Don't forget to notify HMRC for Tax purpose.
  • What do you specialise in? *Product & Services)
    • Keep your specialised product and services visualised.
    • Keep the focus on one or two area of the event at the beginning and work on improving that section.
    •  Important that you think about what type of services you are going to offer your clients. Make sure you have all the elements cover.
      • What kind of Service are you going to offer? (ex.)
        • Standard/ Half / Full or Customised
        • Services including event registration,
        • Venue hire,
        • Catering,
        • Event Promotion
        • and More
  • Get relevant License and & Complete Paperwork.
    • Make sure you know your Legal Requirements and you have full paperwork to go accordingly.
    • Make sure you have all the certificate that requires so you don't have last minute dropout.
    • Always keep Event Planner Check List
    • Every event has to be Unick and make sure all the records are updated of the need of event.